World of Warcraft commercials

I was browsing Youtube earlier tonight and came across some World of Warcraft commercials that i thought was funny. I had never seen them before and they made me giggle a bit. One of them are a Coca Cola commercial that i found pretty cheesy, but damn funny. Mountain Dew did a WoW commercial aswell and altho it is better then the Coke version, it still aint that bad ass!  Then there are some other random ads, for example the one with Mr. T and the Mohawk Grenade.

Enjoy the clips and if you have any other funny wow commercials, please post a link in the comments.

Coca Cola

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Ozzy Osbourne

Verne Troyer

William Shatner

Mr. T

Steve Van Sandt

Jean Claude Van Damme (French)

Mr. T again

Office Space

Toyota (dont know if it’s fake or not)