My Christmas list – item no1: Kinect

One of my most wanted thing for Christmas is a Kinect for Xbox360.
So if any of you kind souls out there feel that you want to give me a Kinect for Christmas, I thankfully accept ;)
I were really excited about it when i first saw Project Natal (workname) awhile back….

Kinect uses a series of sensors, cameras, sound etc to detect your body and the moves you make, to play the game.

There are several launch titles that catches my attention, first off is the game included in the Kinect box, Kinect Adventures. Similar to Wii sports it uses your avatar to play several different minigames that look really fun.

Fighters Uncaged is the second game i want, it looks like a really bad ass fighting game. Imagine your in game character kicking and punches after the moves you make.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, I do want just because i need to improve my coordination skills.

I’m looking forward to see what kind of game that will pop up in the near future that use the power of Kinect, the possibilities seem endless.