I played: @MicroVolts BETA

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So, i found out about this new game called MicroVolts, it’s currently in a beta phase and you can get in by signing up on http://www.microvolts.com and apply for a closed beta key. It’s no harder then that! If it should not work for some reason, you can get a code by signing up on http://mmohut.com.

MicroVolts is a anime styled mmo shooter game were you control a toy character to slay other toy characters. The graphics aren’t that impressive, but i like the cartoony look and funny maps. The game is free and only takes up about 500mb of space. Due to the beta the game could be down for maintenance sometimes, but not for long. I really think you should try it out.

Game modes
At the moment there are six or seven different maps to play on and five different game modes.
Team Deathmatch – Team up to kill your opponents!
Free-for-All – Kill everything and everyone!
Item Match – Like deathmatch but kills rewards you with random powerups!
Capture the Battery – Capture the flag style!
Close Combat – Melee combat!

There are four characters to choose from, and you can later customize them to your liking by spending points you get from playing.
The “bought” weapons, items etc. Only stay for a short period, like a day, week, month etc. After that you have to rebuy them, but if you play much you will have points so spend. Kind of the downside in my opinion, I do not like the fact that i have to rebuy the stuff later, I do hope they make the items harder to get and that they stay forever.

IF you get in to the beta, befriend me and kick my ass in a game! My IGN is: Freeradical

I made a short video when i played!
CAUTION: You might start to cry over my suckiness. I’ really bad at shooters, i can’t aim to save my life!